6 Best Water Shoes for Men (Hiking, Water Sports, or Beach Use)

Water shoes are an essential investment for active men who enjoy the great outdoors, both on land and in the water. Today’s best mens’ water shoes offer excellent breathability to keep your feet cool and dry for water sports, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Although they’re often designed to look like sneakers or sandals, they’re actually a hybrid shoe that can be worn on the beach or the trail with equal protection and comfort.

Whether you’re a fisherman or a hiking enthusiast, a good pair of water shoes for men will keep your feet safe and dry, while looking stylish enough for daily wear.

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Our 6 Favorite Mens’ Water Shoes

ProductDurabilityArch SupportColors
best-water-shoes-menMerrell All Out BlazeHighMed10+
mens-swimming-shoesZhuanglin Quick DryingMedMed15+
good-cheap-mens-water-shoesAleader Slip On Water ShoesMedMed15
mens-water-shoes-hikingHumtto Hiking Aqua ShoesHighMed15+
swim-shoes-for-menSpeedo Surfwalker 3.0MedPoor7
water-sandals-for-menAtika Sports Water SandalsMedPoor4

Water Shoes for Men Reviews

#1 – Merrell All Out Blaze Water Shoes

best-water-shoes-menWhen spending a lot of time outdoors, you need a shoe that’s both comfortable and durable. Merrill’s All Out Blaze water shoes top the list with every detail focused on giving you the best bang for your money. These shoes are available in a wide range of colors and sizes from 7 D(M) to 14 D(M).

The water-shedding leather tops are perfect for forging creeks, while the synthetic soles have a UniFly™ midsole for maximum shock and terrain absorption.

This allows you to hike for miles in comfort while those wearing other water shoes wish they have a pair of Merrells after a short distance. With a 3mm lug depth and neoprene stretch collar, these are probably the highest quality mens’ water shoes for the price.

If there’s a downside to these shoes, it’s the sizing. Be sure to test them for fit before going hiking in case you need to exchange them for a different size. Also, because of the large ventilation holes on the sides, larger debris such as beach shells may get inside the shoe.

While the Merrells are arguably the best hiking water shoe for men, you may want to look at some options below if beach use is your number one priority.

Otherwise, the shoes have proven invaluable to their owners through tough terrains in exotic locations such as Belize and Hawaii. They have also proven useful on the beach and in more casual tasks such as washing the car. It’s strongly suggested you wear them a day or two before embarking on a rough journey to break them in.

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#2 – Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

mens-swimming-shoesZhuanglin’s quick drying water shoes for men come in over 15 colors, a wide range of sizes, and are one of the top-selling water shoes out there. They have a breathable and durable mesh upper for breathability and quick drying.

They also feature a durable Solyte midsole that makes the shoes incredibly lightweight while still providing plenty of cushion for walking.

We love the ComfortDry sock liner that gives the shoe extra bounce back on hard terrain while keeping your feet cooler and drier. Owners like these shoes for walks on the beach and short hikes in wet conditions.

They fit snuggly, but comfortably, around the ankle so sand can’t get in. Even better, they’re a stylish shoe that can be worn for everyday use.

While these shoes won’t provide the arch support or protection needed for long-distance hiking or running, that’s not really their purpose.

They are an excellent choice for anyone who needs a lightweight, comfortable shoe that keeps their feet cool and dry in hot or wet conditions. Zhuanglin aqua shoes are an excellent value for the price.

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#3 – Aleader Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

good-cheap-mens-water-shoesWhen looking for a water shoe that can be used for sports, it’s tough to compete with Aleader. Available in sizes 7 D(M) to 14 D(M) US, these popular shoes have a solyte midsole that provides superior durability without adding extra weight.

The open hydrophobic engineered upper mesh is both durable and designed to give the foot plenty of breathability.

Mesh-lined holes in the rubber sole provide faster drying time and even more breathability, while the ComforDry sockliner adds cushioning and a drier, healthier shoe.

The Water Grip outsole provides traction on most slippery surfaces, allowing you to traverse streams or pool perimeters with ease. While these shoes are designed for slip-on use, a lateral locking system helps to ensure your feet don’t slip out easily.

Unfortunately, while the open nature of the bottom improves drying times, it also allows more sand to sneak into the shoes when compared with closed-sole designs. Compared to similar designs, they attract far less sand, but any open-sole design will have this problem.

Otherwise, these shoes have proven to hold up under a wide variety of environments, and are an excellent choice for water aerobics, boating, sailing, or water sports such as kayaking and whitewater rafting.

They’re a little too “lightweight” for hiking use so go with the Merrell shoes above if that’s what you’re into.

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#4 – (As of January 24, this item is currently out of stock. Check back regularly for updates and availability.)
Humtto Hiking Aqua Shoes

mens-water-shoes-hikingHumtto’s water shoes for men feature a breathable mesh upper and holed sole. The smart design of these trekking sneakers keeps your feet cool and allows air to circulate for quick drying in wet conditions.

It also gives the shoes excellent drainage, preventing them from filling up with water or sand, keeping your feet comfortable during a variety of land and water activities.

We love the built-in adjustable webbing at the heel that allows the fit of these water shoes to be customized for a variety of different foot types.

The manufacturer has also added a rubber shoe cap to these full-coverage shoes to protect your feet from rocks, seashells, or other sharp objects.

Humtto has also included elastic laces with an easy-to-operate buckle, allowing you to tighten the shoes securely but still get them on and off quickly.

Wearers of the Humtto aqua shoes report that the anti-slip outsole gives them excellent traction in slippery conditions. They find them incredibly versatile for everything from walking the dog and running errands to water sports, boating, and even light hiking. They also have enough arch support to keep your feet comfortable for walking.

Most owners loved these shoes for the beach or fishing; however, some users reported issues with small rocks and pebbles being trapped inside the shoe. These water shoes from Humtto come in two colors and a full range of men’s sizes.

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#5 – Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoes

swim-shoes-for-menSpeedo’s Surfwalker 3.0 water shoes come in seven color options and a wide range of sizes for men. These are quick slip-on water shoes that are designed for maximum breathability and rapid drying, just like you would expect from any decent water shoe.

Speedo takes things a step further by providing an s-track outsole that gives these shoes excellent grip and traction to prevent slipping.

The Surfwalker 3.0 was designed with a durable, four-way stretch upper that allows for a secure fit and easy on and off. They also feature four mesh side panels for excellent ventilation and faster drying time making them an excellent option for your kayaking outfit.

The air mesh insert also dries quickly and provides maximum comfort, and the outsole streams water away from the shoes.

These shoes don’t have the stylish look you’ll get from other brands, so you’ll probably want to save them for water-related activities. Speedo water shoes are well made and comfortable, and they’ll protect your feet at the beach or pool.

If you’re in the market for quality, all-around water shoes at a reasonable price, these Surfwalker 3.0s are a great option.

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#6 – Atika Sports Water Sandals

water-sandals-for-menAtika men’s sports sandals are a hybrid water shoe that’s perfect for daily or active wear on land or in the water. These stylish sandals are incredibly comfortable, thanks to the foot imprint molding that encompasses and wraps around your foot.

The specialized midsole provides superior cushioning and high energy shock absorption for hiking and other sports.

Atika sports sandals provide three layers of protection to keep your feet safe from rocks and other sharp objects. The first is an inner layer upper designed for comfort and ventilation.

Second is a mid-hybrid shell enclosure that protects your toes. And finally, the design includes a rubber outer guard to shield your feet from harsh terrain.

You never have to worry about rocks or sand being trapped inside of these water shoes, thanks to the open-sided design. These shoes made from a synthetic PU to provide quick drying and breathability.

Although Atika water shoes are rugged and durable for rough use, they’re also stylish enough to wear with cargo shorts and a polo shirt for a casual evening out.

Atika water sandals are an excellent alternative to the famous (and much more expensive) Merrell and Keen sandals. They may not last for as many seasons, but they are much more affordable. Atika makes these shoes in over 20 different colors and a wide range of sizes for men.

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