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8 Best Swim Goggles for Recreational Swimmers (Adults and Kids)

Updated June 23, 2021

One of the most commonly overlooked accessories for the water are swimming goggles. The best swim goggles will obviously keep water out to protect the eyes from a wide range of irritants, fit comfortably, not fog up, and offer high visibility by not blocking your peripheral vision.

While some prefer to look for a pair of swimming goggles with a nose cover for open water swimming, the average pool swimmer will enjoy a pair without any nose covering.

The following 8 pairs (4 options for adults; 4 for kids) of goggles are among the best out there in terms of fit, function, and value. Once you experience quality, you’ll never want to go back to generic goggles or no swim goggles at all.

Our 8 Favorite Swim Goggles

best-swimming-gogglesSpeedo Hydrospex ClassicAdult6Outer eye fit
swim-goggles-for-competitionSpeedo Vanquisher 2.0Adult5Inner eye fit
anti-fog-swim-gogglesAegend Swim GogglesAdult15Outer eye fit
swim-goggle-reviewsSealBuddy PV10Adult4Inner eye fit
best-kids-swim-gogglesFINIS Frogglez4-127Goggles float
swimming-goggles-for-kidsSpeedo Skoogle3-87Very comfortable
speedo-kids-swimming-gogglesSpeedo Hydrospex Youth6-1410Best-selling
comfortable-kids-swim-gogglesSwim Elite2-84Includes hard case

Best Adult Swimming Goggles

#1 – Speedo Hydrospex Classic Adult Swim Goggles


Speedo has a reputation in the sporting world for quality, and the Hydrospex is a prime example of why. The soft, hypoallergenic TPR frame provides the most comfortable fit among swim goggles, while the split silicone strap includes the Speed Fit Headstrap system for fast size adjustments.

Meanwhile, the shatter-resistant lexan lenses are of eyeglass quality and feature 95 percent UVA and UVB protection and anti-fogging. In fact, the Hydrospex goggles are considered by many to be the best anti-fog swim goggles out there at this price point.

Finally, the six month manufacturer’s defect warranty ensures you’ll never have to settle for a broken pair.

Swimmers have been using this model for years, and most long-term customers return to buy another pair when their’s have worn out. Many triathletes actually use these goggles and combine them with some good water shoes for best results.

They make for an excellent pair of pool goggles, although they are not the best for deep open water or snorkeling use. The design of these goggles do have one major drawback that prevents them from being the best.

As the nose bridge isn’t extendable, these goggles will not fit some people with a larger nose or wider face. This can also lead to leakage or other usage problems.

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#2 – Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Swimming Goggles

swim-goggles-for-competitionIt’s hard to go wrong with Speedo goggles and their Vanquisher 2.0 goggles don’t disappoint. These training and performance goggles have been designed with a sleek, snug, low profile inner eye fit for the serious swimmer but work well for recreational swimmers as well. Four interchangeable nose pieces are included for a custom fit.

We love the sleek styling and ultra low-profile design of the Vanquisher 2.0 swim goggles. The wide panoramic lenses have cushioned silicone seals for extra comfort and visibility.

These goggles also have a silicone double head strap with an adjustable ergonomic clip to accommodate a variety of head shapes and sizes.

Speedo makes their Vanquisher 2.0 swim goggles in five colors with clear and tinted lens options. They also provide UV protection to block harmful UVA and UVB rays, while the mirrored finish reduces glare. The anti-fog coating prevents condensation from building up on the lenses for the best visibility.

Users love these goggles for competition swimming because they don’t smash against your face during dives and push offs. Although the extra nose pieces are a nice option, some reviewers did find them very difficult to change.

At the end of the day, Speedo’s Vanquisher 2.0 goggles are an excellent value for serious swimmers who need goggles that don’t leak or slip around on their face.

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#3 – Aegend Adult Swim Goggles

anti-fog-swim-gogglesAegend Swim Goggles are a favorite among swimmers, and it’s easy to see why. They’re designed to be super comfortable, with a flexible silicone frame and nosepiece.

The inner surface of the lenses have been treated to keep them fog-free, while the snug fit and ergonomic design ensure that they’re leak-free, no matter what shape or size your face is.

We like the UV-protective coating on the lenses of these Aegends. The polycarbonate lenses not only reflect light away from your eyes, but they’re also super tough and made to last.

These lenses are shatter-resistant as well, and available clear or a colorful mirrored tint, depending on your personal preference or whether you’re swimming indoors or outside.

Another favorite feature of these Aegend swim goggles is the well-designed clasp that allows the goggles to be put on or taken off easily, without pulling hair.

The band is also completely adjustable for a custom fit for every family member, from kids to adults. And, with 15 band, frame, and lens color combos to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love.

Aegend goggles are surprisingly affordable, considering their amazing quality. The included protective travel case is a nice bonus for keeping the goggles safe at the bottom of your bag.

However, if you’re allergic to silicone, these aren’t the goggles for you. The manufacturer provides a 12-month guarantee on this product for additional peace of mind.

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#4 – SealBuddy PV10 Adult Swim Goggles

swim-goggle-reviewsSwimmers who just want a pair of good, inexpensive swimming goggles need look no further than SealBuddy’s PV10. With soft silicone gaskets specially designed to accommodate most facial shapes in a flexible one-piece frame, these goggles provide a water-tight fit that won’t impair your vision.

The PV10s are currently available in four frame colors (blue, green, red, and white) along with three types of lenses (smoke, clear, and mirrored). Most will want to opt for the clear lenses for simple recreational use although the other lenses do help with outdoor use. The high-quality lenses provide numerous benefits, including:

  • 100 percent protection against both UV-A and UV-B radiation
  • Shatter and scratch resistance against normal impacts
  • Anti-fogging
  • Mirror-coated
  • High-density optical-grade PVC

Additionally, these goggles have a sleek look and fully protect your eyes. They’re among the most comfortable goggles on the market, without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Hypoallergenic with skin-friendly strap, quick release, and easy adjustability, there’s a reason why these SealBuddy goggles are such a good buy.

These goggles have provided comfort for many who have had trouble finding a pair that fits without adding pressure around the eyes. The wider field of vision makes them an excellent accessory for shallow dives and sports.

A few users have even admitted to wearing these goggles while doing yard work (usually due to sensitivity to dust or post eye surgery).

While the lenses are anti-fog, any water inside the goggles can cause them to steam up, so be sure to wipe them out when putting your goggles on in the pool.

As with the case of any other swim goggles, while they may be ultra comfortable for a majority of wearers, they may also simply not fit well for some individuals.

Fortunately, smaller products such as these are usually painless to return when purchased from a well-known retailers. Also, in the rare event of a defect, SealBuddy will quickly replace the product.

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Best Kids Swimming Goggles

#1 – FINIS Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles

best-kids-swim-gogglesFinis Frogglez swim goggles for kids ages 4-12 are super comfortable and come in seven color combinations for boys and girls. The unique design includes a soft neoprene split strap that provides a cushioned custom fit that’s watertight to prevent leaks.

Parents and kids will love the loop and lock strap closure that allows for easy adjustment. They’re also easy for kids to put on and take off by themselves. Did we mention they’re super comfortable?

Finis has thought of everything you could possibly want in swim goggles for kids. Frogglez are made from a floating material to prevent the goggles from ending up at the bottom of the lake, ocean, or pool.

And, the curved lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate with UV and anti-fog protection. The lenses are available in a clear or mirrored finish, depending on your child’s preference.

We also love the one-piece frame that’s gentle around the eyes. The strap is reversible with a fun print on one side that kids are sure to love. Parents report that these goggles don’t slip off in the water the way traditional goggles can, which means kids are more likely to keep them on.

Parents also mention that Finis Frogglez don’t get caught in the hair like many goggles do. It might take some work to get the fit just right, but most parents found it worth the extra effort. They’re a great choice for you children who find traditional goggles uncomfortable and won’t keep them on.

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#2 – Speedo Skoogle Child Swim Goggles

swimming-goggles-for-kidsSpeedo’s Skoogle swim goggles for kids are great introductory goggles for young swimmers. Their innovative design provides excellent comfort and fits on a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

They also feature Speedo’s patented G.O. Fit System, so the gasket fits snugly around the middle eye without being constricting. 

Kids will appreciate the soft, comfortable frame and side release Speed-Fit clips that allow for easy head strap adjustment and a custom fit. Speedo’s Skoogle goggles provide UV protection to keep young eyes safe. They’re also anti-fog and condensation resistant for good visibility in the water.

The panoramic lenses allow for excellent visibility while doing a thorough job of keeping the water out of your child’s eyes. As long as they’re adjusted correctly, they won’t leak, which means kids are more likely to keep them on. With seven colors to choose from, there are several fun options for both boys and girls.

Parents of children with long hair may also wish to purchase a swim cap to prevent these goggles from getting tangled in the hair. At the end of the day, Speedos Skoogle goggles for kids are an affordable option for kids who need eye protection from the sun and water at the beach or pool.

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#3 – Speedo Hydrospex Youth Swim Goggles

speedo-kids-swimming-gogglesSpeedo knows that different ages require different sizes but the same quality. That’s why they have released a junior version of their popular Hydrospex goggles.

The soft, hypoallergenic TPR frame is sized for smaller faces and features a split silicone head strap with quick-adjust Speed Fit clips so your child can get into the water quickly to play some fun swimming pool games with their friends.

The mirrored anti-fog lenses protect against both UVA and UVB radiation, while the mirrored surface reduces glare without affecting visibility.

Children of all ages have made good use of these goggles. The Speedo Junior’s are a hit when combined with kids who are learning to swim. Parents may need to help their younger children at first, but older kids can put on the goggles by themselves with ease.

The adjustable straps and flexible frame allow these goggles to be worn on most head sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, these goggles are not the best-suited to competitive use (if your child is into that), but provide excellent protection for normal use in pools and other small bodies of water.

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#4 – Swim Elite Kids Swimming Goggles

comfortable-kids-swim-gogglesWhen choosing the best kid swim goggles, comfort and protection are top priority. Swim Elite has kept this in mind, creating stylish goggles perfect for your 2 to 8 year old.

The attention to detail begins with a soft, odorless, hypoallergenic silicone frame and nose piece. An easily adjustable strap allows the goggles to grow with your child so you won’t need to buy new goggles every year, and the overall design allows for a great fit without hair snagging or suction marks.

The impact resistant, anti-fog lenses give a 180 degree view and 100 percent UV protection. The goggle frames are available in blue, green, and pink and come packaged in a car-shaped hard case to make carrying the goggles safe and fun.

Swim Elite’s no-questions money back guarantee means you can easily return their product if needed. When it’s time for swimming lessons to begin, your child will absolutely love these googles.

Like all wearable equipment, these goggles fit most, but not all face types. However, both the goggles and their brightly-colored case are a hit among families.

As with life jackets for small kids, getting your kiddo to want to wear them is sometimes the biggest challenge. Swim Elite understands this and make their goggles fun to wear.

Parents who have shopped around find the ridged straps hold tight much better than the smooth straps of most other brands. The durability and bright colors make these the best goggles for swimming among kids.

While no perfect swim goggles for kids exist that will fit every child perfectly, these are the best we’ve found. If for some reason the fit is too tight (red circles around the eyes), something like the Frogglez goggles above or Aqua Sphere Vista Junior might be a better option. Also, some parents may find the car case a bit gimicky but the truth is that most kids seem to love it.

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6 thoughts on “8 Best Swim Goggles for Recreational Swimmers (Adults and Kids)”

    • Actually, I just learned this tip last month. Put a tiny bit of normal shampoo on the inside lenses and spread it with your finger. Right before you put them on, rinse the shampoo off with clean water. Don’t wipe it, just run water over it until no foam is coming off. Then you can put your goggles on and swim. This actually lasts longer than anti-fog.

      If you don’t have shampoo nearby, just use the old scuba diver trick. Spit in the goggles, wipe it around on the insides lenses, and rinse the goggles without touching them. Won’t last as long as the shampoo trick but works well in a pinch!

    • Most goggles are coated with an anti-fog coating on the “inside” of the goggle. The problem is, regardless of the quality or price of the goggle, touching or cleaning this area removes the coating and the anti-fog property goes away. So, with any swim goggle, never touch the inside of the goggles!

  1. My daughter says her new Speedo hydrospex are SO much better than her last ones (Target special) which would always leak. She uses them for swim class.

  2. If seems most reviews simply pick the best seller list on Amazon which, fyi, is based on sales not reviews or necessarily quality. Chinese companies sell cheap goggles for low prices to get the top spots. Not a great way to pick a “quality” product. That being said, I would like to see Frogglez Goggles on the list as they are the only actually “comfortable” swimming goggle on the market.

    • I completely agree about other sites simply basing top picks based off Amazon reviews or bestseller lists (both of which can be manipulated). Amazon reviews play a part in our choices (we actually read many of them to weed out the fake stuff) but we research many other sources as well. Whenever possible, we factor in our own experience with a product or that of others we know.

      The Frogglez goggles almost made our recommendation at time of publishing but at that time, there appeared to be too many issues with sizing and fit. But I’m glad they worked out well in your case. We’ll of course re-evaluate when it comes time to update the article.


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