What’s the Best Way to Check the Buoyancy of your PFD?

The first test of your personal flotation device (PFD) shouldn’t happen during a boating crisis. Being tossed into unfriendly waters in a life jacket that doesn’t fit or isn’t properly secured can be a potentially deadly mistake that is easily avoided. Being familiar with your life jacket is the first key to your safety on … Read more

Snorkeling Tips For Beginners

Snorkeling is a fun sport that almost anyone can enjoy. Families with small children can view shallow reefs as they look for colorful fish. Those with knee problems or bad backs, can float along, searching for corals and other marine life. Even those who aren’t strong swimmers can participate in snorkeling trips. Flotation devices called … Read more

How to Remove Mildew, Mold, and Smells From a Life Jacket

At the start of summer, when you pull your life jackets out of storage, you may find them showing signs of mold or mildew. This occurs when a life jacket is stored before it is completely dried. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to shop for a new one. There are two … Read more

8 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Water

Now that the warm weather is here, it is all about fun in the sun. Children are more likely to want to go to the beach, lake, or swimming pool more often. Taking your kids boating or lounging by the water is a great way to spend quality time with the family, but it can … Read more

What’s the Best Age to Start Swimming Lessons?

I bet every time you see your child kicking and giggling while taking a bath, you wonder if it’s time to introduce swimming lessons. However, there is a big difference between taking a bath and swimming. How do you know when they are old enough for swimming lessons? For the longest time, the American Academy … Read more

Surviving Hypothermia When Out on the Water

hypothermia out on water

A day of fun out on the water can quickly turn dangerous — even tragic. Hypothermia, the condition when a person’s core temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, can set in suddenly and even cause death through heart and respiratory failure. Hypothermia can occur from many instances: a boater gets soaked in cold waters when their boat capsizes; an … Read more

Inflatable Life Vests: Everything You Need to Know

Any boater or water enthusiast knows the importance of a good personal floatation device, or PFD. A PFD can, quite literally, be the difference between life and death on the water, so purchasing one should not be take lightly. There are several different types of life vests on the market, but a relatively new option … Read more

Is it Safe to Bring Babies on Boats?

If you love boating, you probably want to grab the chance to experience such an adventure with the ones closest to your heart. However, what if there is a new addition to your family? Is it still possible to go boating with a baby? Going on a boating trip with a newborn is often discouraged … Read more

8 Tips for How to Take Your Dog on a Boat for the First Time

The ocean or nearby lake are tempting you to take a boat trip this weekend. Your family is experienced on the water, but Fido is brand new to the adventure. Bringing along man’s best friend is possible when you prepare for the boating trip from a dog’s perspective. Follow these tips so that your dog’s … Read more

5 Tips to Get Your Child to Wear a Life Jacket

the struggle

While most adults understand the importance of a good life jacket and how wearing one can literally safe your life, young children don’t quite see it the same way. All they want to do is go out and have fun in the water whether it be in the backyard pool or the beach. If on … Read more