8 Best Dog Life Jackets – Floatation For Furry Friends

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Sailing, kayaking or just walking along the shore are fun activities for the whole family, but what about the four-legged members? Anyone who owns a dog knows that many are strong (and often enthusiastic) swimmers so they’re fine around water, right? Not always. While most dogs can swim or can be taught to swim, they’ll eventually get … Read more

9 Best Youth Life Jackets (50-90 lbs) – Safe And Stylish

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Growing children love adventurous sports, but they’re experts at getting themselves into situations that terrify parents. Whether you’re scrambling around rock pools or boating as a family, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed if your kids are properly kitted out with effective flotation vests. The best life jackets for youth in the 50-90 pound range won’t … Read more

8 Best Toddler and Children Swim Vests and Floatation Devices

best swim floaties for toddlers

Swimming is great exercise for toddlers and it’s also something that kids and parents can do together. It’s always best to be safe in and around water though, so while your toddler is learning to swim they should wear a good quality swim aid or vest. Once they’re confident in the water they can strike … Read more

7 Best Snorkel Vests for Easy Snorkeling

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Snorkeling is one of the funnest things you’ll ever experience. The thrill of swimming alongside strange creatures and exploring the beauty under the ocean’s surface can hardly be matched. But like with any water-based activity, there’s always the risk of accident or danger in the ocean. This is especially true if it’s your first time … Read more

8 Best Swim Goggles for Recreational Swimmers (Adults and Kids)

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One of the most commonly overlooked accessories for the water are swimming goggles. The best swim goggles will obviously keep water out to protect the eyes from a wide range of irritants, fit comfortably, not fog up, and offer high visibility by not blocking your peripheral vision. While some prefer to look for a pair … Read more

8 Best Life Vests for Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting – Easy Paddling

best kayak life vest

Whenever you’re on or near water, it’s common sense to have the right safety gear, but it’s never more important than when you’re out kayaking, canoeing, or whitewater rafting. Kayaks and canoes are a ton of fun and very useful for hunting and fishing, but they’re also notoriously unstable and prone to landing you unexpectedly … Read more

8 Best Baby Pool Floats for Infants to Toddlers

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With hot weather fast approaching, everyone is going to want to be in the water. Babies of all ages love the water, and it’s great if the whole family can enjoy swimming together. Even if you have the best baby pool float with all the safety features, you need to always supervise your baby. An … Read more

5 Best Jet Ski Life Jackets (Great for Wakeboarding Too)

If you enjoy water sports such as wakeboarding, jet skiing, or water skiing, it’s essential to have the right safety gear – water can be dangerous, after all. Not all life vests are the same though. A sailing life jacket might not be the best choice for jet skiing or kite boarding as it doesn’t provide … Read more

6 Best Big and Tall Life Jackets for a Comfortable Fit

Having a properly fitted life jacket is essential for boating, fishing, kayaking and many other water sports. This can be especially challenging for folks with a plus sized build. The best big and tall life jackets don’t have to be ugly, bulky or uncomfortable. There are actually many options on the market today that are … Read more