7 Best PFDs for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

best paddle board life jackets and belts

There are so many comfortable life jackets on the market today, there’s no excuse for not wearing one when stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). In fact, the US Coast Guard requires paddlers to wear a PFD when outside of surfing, swimming, or bathing areas. At this point, SUP boards are treated as “vessels”. When you want … Read more

9 Best Life Jackets For Active Kids (30-50 lbs)

best child life jacket

Growing children are adventurous and most of them love water, so sailing, canoeing or even just scrambling on rocks by the shore are all great family activities. Water has its dangers though, so quality safety gear is essential. Any child on or near the water needs a good life jacket, and it has to be … Read more

8 Best Life Jackets for Women – Reshaping Safety

best women's life vest

More women are taking part in water-based sports than ever, and doing a great job of proving that they’re at least as good as most men. They do face some special challenges though. A lot of safety gear has traditionally been made to suit the male figure and quite often women struggle to find a … Read more

5 Best Toddler Life Jackets for On-the-Move Tots (15-30 lbs)

Mustang Survival Lil Legends

I think we can all agree that toddlers love being in, on, and around the water. But their developing ability to get around means there’s a good chance they’re going to end up falling in at some point. Whether it’s an unexpected plunge in the pool or a stumble on deck you need to be … Read more

4 Best Personal Locator Beacons that Could Save Your Life

A personal locator beacon (PLB) is a crucial part of any safety kit when boating, mountain climbing, or out in the wilderness. Designed to direct search and rescue teams to your location in the event of an accident, these are more durable than cell phones and strong enough to function almost anywhere. Even the best … Read more

6 Best Water Shoes for Toddlers and Kids

Water shoes are a must for protecting little feet from hot surfaces and sharp objects. They are designed to dry quickly and keep little feet cool during all sorts of outdoor activities, on land or in the water. The great thing about water shoes is they won’t trip your child up or fall off like … Read more

7 Best Life Jackets for Sailing (Standard & Inflatable)

sailing life jacket reviews

Sailing is one of the most fun things you can do, but it does have its hazards. You’re out on the water by definition, and it’s easy to end up IN it instead. A capsizing dinghy will have you swimming right away, and while a yacht’s more stable, a simple slip is all it takes … Read more