How to Decide Between a Pelican or a Lifetime Kayak

Picking the best kayak for your next kayaking adventure is challenging, especially if it’s your first time buying one. When you start researching which type of kayak you should get, these two manufacturers are bound to catch your eye because of their high-quality products, popularity, incredible features and reliable kayaks: Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak.

Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak

We’re talking about the Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak brands. The design and look of these two brands are enough to keep you beach-ready, while the functionality of the kayaks will give you immense pleasure.

So, which one should you ultimately buy? Let’s compare the two kayaks to figure out which is better.


The construction of marine use kayaks needs to have great stability and strength to perform well. Additionally, since most kayaks will be used in lakes, they must have better overall construction to resist water and other types of damage.

Most popular kayak brands choose materials like polyethylene, plastic or Ram-X to give the kayak better coverage while in the water. All materials are good for protecting the shield and skin of the kayak to avoid leaks.

If you’re searching for one of the best-constructed kayaks on the market that will provide you great performance and support while on the lake, go for a Pelican kayak.

Pelican kayaks are typically made from firm plastic materials, poly-XR and Ram-X that resist most damages. They make a great fishing kayak that can also double as a recreational kayak when your fishing line is not in the water.

In comparison, Lifetime kayaks are made from anti-UV solid polyethylene. The material used by Lifetime kayaks is UV resistant, so they’re great for being in the sun for hours, and they can resist damage – but not as much as Pelican kayaks.

However, Lifetime does have a fishing kayak option as well. The Lifetime Tamarack Angler is a 10 foot fishing kayak with a comfortable padded seat and backrest, perfect for those long fishing trips.

Cockpit Dimensions

Cockpit dimensions come into play when comparing Pelican vs Lifetime kayak brands. Both kayaks have bigger cockpit size benefits, but for different purposes.

The cockpit dimension is usually small or large depending on the design of the kayak. Smaller cockpits come in handy when you want more balance and control while cruising on a lake, while bigger cockpits make it easier to get in and out of your kayak and give you more space to store your fishing gear.

If you want a great option that allows you to have great control, balance and sustainability, then you want to go with a Lifetime kayak.

Pelican kayaks typically have larger cockpit dimensions that allow you to get in and out of the kayak with ease. However, this doesn’t give you good control or balance. Lifetime kayaks have smaller cockpits that are still easy to get in and out of, while giving you the control and balance you need.

Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak
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Weight Point

The weight point of a kayak indicates the loaded feel when carrying the kayak to and from the lake. You don’t want to have a heavy kayak that will make carrying it to and from the lake a pain. Instead, you want something lightweight and easily portable.

The weight point also impacts how well you cruise (i.e., handling and maneuvering).

For those who want a lightweight option, go with the Pelican kayak. It’s lightweight enough to carry to and from the lake and is easy to handle and maneuver on the water too. Lifetime kayaks are heavier, which lessens the handling and maneuvering benefits.

Seat Design

The seat design of a kayak matters because it ensures that you’re sitting comfortably when you’re kayaking. There are a few different types of seat designs for kayaks that ensure comfort depending on the quality of the material and cushions.

Most kayak seats are made from nylon-covered foam padded or Ergoform seat cushions. Additionally, some kayaks have different seat designs with backrests to provide more comfort.

If you’re searching for a great seat design with extra features, then go with a Pelican kayak. You’ll find that you’re extremely comfortable sitting in the kayak for extended periods of time with no hip pain, which is great for kayak fishing.

Lifetime kayaks typically have adjustable quick-release seats and backrests. However, the material used to make the seat and backrest isn’t as comfortable as Pelican kayaks.

Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak
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Ease of use is important when comparing Pelican vs Lifetime kayak brands. Both kayak brands have comparable features that help you kayak easily with little to no struggle.

If you want a kayak that’s extremely easy to use, then go with a Lifetime kayak. They typically make sure you get great accessibility regardless of your experience level.

Pelican brand kayaks are designed to give you better options with less friction, and they have better surface area. However, Lifetime kayaks are even better because they ensure no friction and provide great support to all kayakers.

Quality Assurance

Both kayak brands are well-known to consumers and make high-quality kayaks, but they each come with different warranties to cover any defects. Lifetime kayaks offers a better warranty than Pelican.

Pelican kayaks typically offers a 1-year warranty on accessories and parts with a lifetime warranty on their paddleboards. However, Lifetime kayaks typically offers you a five-year warranty that ensures coverage over most defects, and they will restore and sustain the benefits for a while.

We say that Lifetime has a better warranty because they will ensure that maintenance, repairs, and refunds happen quickly.

Overall Thoughts: Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak

You might think that in the battle of Pelican vs Lifetime kayak brands there’s a draw. Why shouldn’t there be when we’re talking about two of the best kayak brands on the market today? If you’re still struggling to decide on which kayak brand is best for you, here’s something that might help.

For anyone who wants to purchase a kayak with extreme durability, a lightweight design for easy management, a comfortable seat design and it comes from a great production company –  Pelican brand kayaks are your ideal choice.

However, if you want something that’s rich in high-quality, has proper dimensional design, is easy to use and has a higher weight capacity – Lifetime brand kayaks are for you.

No matter your decision, you’re not at a loss for picking either kayak brand because they both make beautiful, high-quality kayaks that are bound to last for years.

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