What Is a Lake Floating Mat?

The newest and most popular trend in boating is using a lake floating mat while out on the water. If you don’t own one already, then chances are you’ve seen one on the water and want to purchase one for yourself. When searching for the best one, you’ll find several different products available that claim to be the best.

Lake Floating Mat

Do you want to know what the best floating mat is and what to look for? Then this guide is for you. We will go over everything you should know before purchasing a lake floating mat.

What Is a Lake Floating Mat?

A floating mat is a waterproof mat that lets you play on or walk on the water’s surface. To use one, you need to throw it out onto the water and secure it before enjoying your time in the sun.

Water mats are the perfect accessory to spend time on the lake without getting wet. People who don’t enjoy open water can still have fun in the sun with their family and friends while using a floating mat.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Lake Floating Mat


Everyone has heard the expression, “go big or go home.” While this expression might be true for many things, it’s not necessarily the case for floating mats because there is such a thing as going too big. Why is this? Because the bigger you go, the bulkier the mat becomes to carry around and store.

With that being said, how do you know what size you need? The size you go with for your lake floating mat will depend on how many people you want to have on the mat at any given point and where you plan on using it.

For example, if you plan on using your floating mat in the lake but have a small boat that only accommodates five people, you need to think about getting a smaller option.

For anyone who wants a larger mat, you need to know the dry weight of the mat and how easy it is to roll the mat up when you’re done using it.

Weight Capacity

Think of the weight capacity of a floating mat as the maximum weight your boat can carry or the cargo load. A good rule of thumb for those taking floating mats on a boat is that the water mat’s capacity should be around the same as the boat’s capacity.

Remember that when manufacturers talk about weight capacity, they’re talking about the weight being evenly distributed across the float.

The very last thing you want to do is sink your lake floating mat, which will happen if you exceed the recommended weight capacity or don’t evenly distribute the weight.


This is one of the most important things you need to consider, especially when considering the price of water mats. If you spend anywhere between $300 – $500 on a water mat, then you should be able to get a few seasons out of it.

You want to search for a water mat that’s extremely durable and won’t rip or tear easily. Tear resistant XPE foam material is a good place to start. Keep this in mind when you search for a water mat that you can also put dogs on!


You also need to consider the firmness or strength of the floating mat to support various water recreation activities. With a lake floating mat, you should be able to swim, sit, or lie down without the risk of falling into the water.

Some floating mats are suitable for running, playing, walking, and other water recreation sports. In contrast, other floating pad options will only support a single activity, such as laying down.


Every floating mat will require some maintenance, including cleaning it after use. If you leave mud, saltwater or dust on the mat for a long time, the mat will begin to deteriorate much faster.

To remove any debris, grime or dirt, use a sponge and some mild soap, then rinse it clean with water and let it dry.

Lake Floating Mat
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Safety Tips

It doesn’t matter what kind of floating mat you purchase – they can be dangerous if not used correctly. Below you’ll find some safety tips that will ensure that you and your family are safe when using a floating water mat.

  • Always watch kids when they’re playing on a floating water mat.
  • Ensure that you’re checking your connection to your boat or dock regularly.
  • Don’t use the floating mat on uneven water.
  • Ensure that you’re removing all dirt and grime from the floating mat to prevent the mat from deteriorating.
  • Secure the floating mat in place on the boat or dock before using it.
  • Always read the instruction manual before using a floating mat for safety instructions.
  • Limit alcohol consumption when using a floating mat.

Are There Any Risks to Using a Floating Mat?

Most manufacturers will make their floating mats bright colors so other boaters can easily see them. Some examples of brightly colored floating mats are the Aqua Lily Pad and the Floating Oasis Lake Pad.

Many floating mats will come in bright greens, yellows and oranges, so boats will see the floating mats from a distance and know to stay away from them. Moreover, floating water mats have buoyancy, and some have features that will cup your body when you lie down.

Additionally, if you invest in a high-quality product – like the products we mentioned above – you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Bottom Line

A lake floating mat is one of the best investments you can make if you don’t like getting wet when you’re out on the water. They also allow you to enjoy several types of water activities that you usually wouldn’t be able to do if you didn’t have a floating water mat.

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy the sun and relax while on the water, look into investing in a lake floating mat.

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