What to Wear on a Boat Ride

If you are reading this, you probably plan to spend some time on a boat soon, but you’re not quite sure about what to wear on a boat ride or what to bring with you.

It can be confusing figuring out what to wear, especially if you have never been on a boat before. A good first step is to consider what you plan to do while on the boat. The last thing you want is to be overdressed or, worse still, dressed completely differently from everyone else.

Thankfully, this article will provide you with top tips to help you decide what to wear on a boat ride. Oh, and don’t forget your life jacket!

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Tips on What to Wear on a Boat Ride

Plan for the Weather

Okay, so you are on a boat, and you will spend most of your time outdoors. Taking this into consideration, it makes perfect sense to dress for the weather. The weather could be cloudy and cool or sunny and warm.

Nobody wants to be uncomfortably cold or miserably hot all day while on a boat. For this reason, you should check the local weather forecast to help you decide the most appropriate dress choice.

Prepare for Possible Weather Changes

Planning for the weather is one thing; preparing for any unexpected weather changes is another. For example, the weather might be warm and sunny when you leave home, only for everything to suddenly become too cold later in the evening.

For this reason, it is best to have a different set of clothing in case of a sudden change in the weather during your boat ride.

An extra jacket can be quite useful if the weather turns. It can keep you dry if it starts raining. Remember that your circumstances can differ depending on whether your boat ride is on a yacht out to sea or on a calm river.

Dress for the Occasion

Knowing what to wear on a boat ride also means knowing the appropriate dress for the occasion. For instance, if it is a boat party, it makes sense to dress accordingly. On the other hand, if the boat ride is a semi-formal dinner boat party, you will want to wear some business casual attire.

If the boat ride gives off a summer vacation/barbeque vibe, you might want to dress light and pack swim trunks if you plan to go swimming later on.

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Accessories Are Important

Bringing along some accessories with you on a boat ride can make your overall boating experience more enjoyable. Some accessories can include hats, visors, or sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun.

Depending on your location and the current season, you might need to take some bug spray. You might also need to bring along some sunscreen to ensure you don’t get a sunburn. Sunscreen is essential if you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors.

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What to Wear on a Boat Ride: Clothing Choices


There are a plethora of swimwear types you can choose from. The best swimwear is one that fits you, and you really like. Your swimming suit should be comfortable enough to keep you cool as you go about your day.


You can always take an additional skirt with you on your boat ride. Skirts are quite comfortable, making them easy to wear for longer periods.

When picking out a skirt to wear on a boat ride, consider going with something that isn’t too long. If possible, the skirt should have several pockets so you can bring some of your accessories and have them within easy reach.

A skirt or even a maxi dress made of linen material is typically preferred on a boat trip. Not only are they light and breathable, but they also provide maximum comfort. Other options are neoprene and nylon skirts, as they tend to dry quickly.

Polarized Sunglasses

You should wear polarized sunglasses as they are extremely effective at protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

On boat rides, UV rays are reflected off the water surface, damaging unprotected eyes. Polarized sunglasses help to block glares and reduce eye strain. They can also help you see better while on a boat ride.


The type of shirts you choose depend on your preferences. That being said, there are general recommendations to take note of.

Your shirt must offer some sort of protection from the sun. While it is great to look nice, protecting your skin is a lot more important. Additionally, you should be aware that while the weather is nice and sunny during the day, it can become colder and windier at sunset and early in the morning.

It is always recommended to have a jacket or sweatshirt with you at these times to protect you from any sudden weather changes you may encounter.

It is best to avoid lightly colored and excessively tight fabrics when going on a boat ride. This is because they allow UV rays to penetrate the skin, which can be harmful if you spend a lot of time exposed to these rays.

You are safer with dark-colored clothes because they absorb the sun’s UV rays and prevent them from penetrating your skin. However, it is best to also avoid any colorful and lacy items that might be damaged by contact with water.

Ideally, you should consider layered clothing items with your swimsuit as the base. The topmost layers can be a comfortable sweater, shirt, or jacket that can be particularly useful when the weather gets chilly. They are also pieces that are easy to take off if you get too warm.


If you are heading out onto a boat for whatever reason, the last thing you want to do is pick shoes that can make you slide around. You also do not want to wear shoes that mark the deck. That means you should choose shoes with non-marking soles.

The shoes should also be anti-slip so that you will always remain stable even if the deck is wet. When it comes to the fabric, pick a boat shoe made from synthetic or mesh fabric because they are breathable and dry very quickly in case they get wet.


Shorts are a great item of clothing to wear on a boat ride. They are practical so long as you avoid billowing shorts. Billowing in this sense means loose-fitting shorts. These tend to get filled with air and begin swelling, particularly as you get into the water.

It is best to stick to linen shorts, as they are comfortable to wear and offer more breathability. They are also a great choice because they tend to dry quickly. If you aren’t comfortable in shorts, you can also wear a pair of slacks with a linen shirt.


You can take a hat with you if you are comfortable wearing one. Depending on the type of boat ride you are going on, it might be necessary to protect your head from the elements. For this, you can choose a broad-brimmed sun hat as it can protect your head, hair, and skin.

You should wear a hat that fits snuggly, so it doesn’t come off on your boat ride. Many people have lost hats because they were not tight enough.

Light Jacket

Keep in mind that it can get really cold early in the morning and evenings when you are out on the sea. This is why you need to have a light jacket as part of your clothing options. When the weather gets cold or windy, a light jacket can keep you warm.

Dry Bags

Having a dry bag is one of the most essential accessories you need when embarking on a boating trip. A dry bag will protect your items from water damage. Typically, dry bags are light and can accommodate almost all your essentials. The perfect dry bag protects from seawater and rain.


Going on a boat ride is like entering an entirely new and exciting world. However, the excitement can be dampened if you don’t know what to wear or bring along. Figuring out your boating outfit doesn’t have to be difficult if you remember a few things, such as:

  • Checking the weather forecast
  • Bringing clothing suitable for the weather and also for any changes that might occur
  • Ensuring you are protected from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Choosing breathable clothing
  • Having a dry bag to protect your personal belongings from the water
  • Bringing a hat to protect your head

A boat ride can be a wonderful experience, especially when you go on one surrounded by family and friends and you follow the dress code. The best way to have fun is to take all the things you need with you, such as this camping hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters, and you all are set to have the time of your life!

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