How to Decide Between a Maui Mat and an Aqua Lily Pad

Two of the most popular floating mats for warm days are the Aqua Lily Pad and the Maui Mat. They’re both incredibly durable and can make playing in the water more enjoyable. But how do you know which one to buy? To help you determine which one is the best when it comes to the Maui Mat vs Aqua Lily Pad, we did the research for you and compared them side by side.

Maui Mat vs Aqua Lily Pad

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the features of each mat, how they’re similar, and then go into a quick little review of both mats. Hopefully, this will give you enough information to help you make the right decision when deciding between the Aqua Lily Pad and the Maui Mat.

Maui Mat vs Aqua Lily Pad Review

Let’s talk about the different features of the Maui Mat and the Aqua Lily Pad. You might find that the features sound similar, and you wouldn’t be wrong – but we’ll get to that.

Maui Mat Features

Maui Mat vs Aqua Lily Pad The Maui Mat measures 14 feet x 6 feet x 0.12 inches and weighs approximately 24 pounds. This mat can hold up to seven adults with a maximum weight capacity of 900 to 1,050 pounds – dependent on how evenly spread out the weight is.

The Maui Mat features a durable design made in the United States, and it’s made from cross-linked polyethylene foam that is extremely thick. What’s great about this floating mat is that it doesn’t hold water, which means that you don’t need to worry about mildew or mold growth due to improperly drying out the mat.  

The mat comes with storage straps to make it easy to store when you’re done with it. These straps come with pad protectors that ensure the mat won’t get damaged during storage. When you’re ready to use the mat again, you just need to unroll the mat in water.

The Maui Mat comes with a one-year limited warranty, but it doesn’t protect the mat from normal wear and tear or improper use.

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Aqua Lily Pad Features

Maui Mat vs Aqua Lily PadThe Aqua Lily Pad measures 18 feet x 6 feet x 1 3/8 inches. Because it’s a larger mat, the Aqua Lily Pad can hold up to 10 adults or 1,500 pounds evenly distributed across the mat.

This floating mat is also made from polyethylene that is UV ray resistant – even with frequent use. It has been made with Core Flex Technology which makes rolling it up to store it a breeze while not leaving behind marks that make the mat unusable next season.

It also comes with a tethering system, Velcro straps for easy roll-up storage, and a heavy-duty spring clip to connect to your dock or boat.

The Aqua Lily Pad comes with a one-year limited warranty that will cover all manufacturing defects.

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Maui Mat vs Aqua Lily Pad: How Are They Similar?

Despite being different sizes, the Maui Mat and Aqua Lily Pad are very similar in every other way. Both of these floating water mat options are:

  • Designed with Core Flex Technology and Polyethylene Foam
  • Designed to accommodate several adults
  • Covered by a limited one-year warranty to handle any manufacturing defects you might find
  • Water-resistant for easy maintenance and care
  • Available in different sizes

The Maui Mat and the Aqua Lily Pad are practically the same mats, making it difficult to choose the best one. It ultimately comes down to looking at the price of the mats to make your decision.

Which Water Pad Is Right for You?

When picking out a floating water pad, you must think about how many people will be using the mat at any given time. When you do this, know that the average adult takes up about two feet of space when they lay on the pad.

Weight generally isn’t an issue because you would have to stack people on the floating water pad to get it to sink under the water. Make sure you always distribute the weight as evenly as possible to avoid any issues.

The Aqua Lily Pad and the Maui Mat can accommodate up to 10 adults, depending on the length chosen, which equates to about 1,500 pounds of distributed weight.

The Aqua Lily Pad

The Aqua Lily Pad is the most durable and lightweight water pad on the market. It features FlexCore Technology that adds reinforcement to the foam pad while also adding a ripstop feature if damage occurs.

Because of this, the Aqua Lily Pad is easy to roll, unroll and store.

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Maui Mat

The Maui Mat takes a tropical spin on the Aqua Lily Pad by using bright teal and orange colors to give off-island vibes. The Maui Mat is two feet longer than the Aqua Lily Pad, and other than that, this mat is practically the same as the Aqua Lily Pad.

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Bottom Line

You can see from this guide that you can’t go wrong when choosing between the Maui Mat vs Aqua Lily Pad. Both mats are durable, thick, easy to store and come with a limited one-year warranty.

So, if you’re looking for the best floating water mat for your family, think about getting a Maui Mat or an Aqua Lily Pad. The one you go with will depend on how many people you want to have using the mat and your budget.

Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on the differences between these two mats and helped you determine which one is the best floating water mat for you.

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