Can You Drown With a Life Jacket On? What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

can you drown with a life jacket

Life jackets can be a lifeline for boaters during water emergencies — but they’re not necessarily a guarantee when it comes to keeping you safe in the water. If you ever find yourself wondering can you drown with a life jacket, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, just because you are wearing one doesn’t completely guarantee that … Read more

Guide to the Best Women’s Wakeboard Life Jacket

wakeboard life jacket

Guide to the Best Women’s Wakeboard Life Jacket Adrenaline junkies know the rush that wakeboarding brings. There’s nothing more exhilarating than reaching top speeds along the surface of the water. However, as most wakeboarders already know, the chances of wiping out and falling off your board are high. While wipeout is likely, that doesn’t mean … Read more

19 of the Best Places to Buy a Life Jacket

best online store to buy life jacket

Looking for the best place to buy a life jacket? Are you asking yourself, “where can I buy a life jacket near me?”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Your likely want plenty of options and understand that a well-made, properly fitted personal floatation device (PFD) is an essential piece of gear for any watersport … Read more

9 Best Youth Life Jackets And Vests (50-90 lbs)

youth life jacket reviews

Growing children love adventurous sports, but they’re experts at getting themselves into situations that terrify parents. Whether you’re scrambling around rock pools or boating as a family, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed if your kids are properly kitted out with effective flotation vests.  The youth life jackets in the 50-90 pound range won’t interfere with … Read more

9 Best Infant Life Jackets And Vest (up to 30 lbs)

best infant life jacket

It’s never too early to introduce your child to water-based activities, whether that means playing beside the pool or out boating. That means it’s never too early to fit them out with the right safety equipment either and the most important piece of gear is a good life jacket. The best infant life jackets must provide … Read more

5 Best Jet Ski Life Jackets (Great for Wakeboarding Too)

If you enjoy water sports such as wakeboarding, jet skiing, or water skiing, it’s essential to have the right safety gear – water can be dangerous, after all. Not all life vests are the same though. A sailing life jacket might not be the best choice for jet skiing or kite boarding as it doesn’t provide … Read more

5 Best Big and Tall Life Jackets for a Comfortable Fit

Having a properly fitted life jacket is essential for boating, fishing, kayaking and many other water sports. This can be especially challenging for folks with a plus sized build. The best big and tall life jackets don’t have to be ugly, bulky or uncomfortable. There are actually many options on the market today that are … Read more

9 Best Life Jackets For Kids (30-50 lbs)

best child life jacket

Since a child can’t help themselves in the water as much as an adult can, the best life jackets for kids will have good head support. At the same time, you don’t want something so bulky that your child can’t enjoy themselves. Growing children are adventurous and most of them love water, so sailing, canoeing … Read more

8 Best Life Jackets for Women – Reshaping Safety

best women's life vest

More women are taking part in water-based sports than ever, and doing a great job of proving that they’re at least as good as most men. They do face some special challenges though. A lot of safety gear has traditionally been made to suit the male figure and quite often women struggle to find a … Read more

5 Best Toddler Life Jackets for On-the-Move Tots (15-30 lbs)

Mustang Survival Lil Legends

I think we can all agree that toddlers love being in, on, and around the water. But their developing ability to get around means there’s a good chance they’re going to end up falling in at some point. Whether it’s an unexpected plunge in the pool or a stumble on deck you need to be … Read more