4 Best Infant and Toddler Sun Hats for Safety (and Cuteness)

It’s summertime, and we all want to get our kids outdoors but the harmful effects of the sun can be a constant worry. The best toddler sun hat will protect your little one’s head, face, ears and neck so there’s no need to apply sunscreen to those areas.

You’ll understand how great that is if you’ve ever had sunscreen drip down into your eyes after sweating or being in the water. Even waterproof sunscreen eventually has that effect. No one wants their child to go through that! Here’s what we recommend…

Our 4 Favorite Baby and Toddler Sun Protection Hats

ProductMaterialColorsChin Strap
Twinklebelle Sun HatCotton4Drawstring
i play. Flap Sun HatPolyester11Tie Closure
i play. Brim Sun HatPolyester12Tie Closure
SNW Sun HatCotton7Velcro

Baby & Toddler Sun Hat Reviews

#1 – Twinklebelle Baby/Toddler/Kids Breathable Sun Hat

Best Toddler Sun HatThe Twinklebelle sun hat is made of UPF 50+ cotton for maximum sun protection. This hat is super soft and light weight. It’s easy to pack and fold.

There’s a drawstring chin strap to help keep the hat on when it’s windy, and a drawstring brim adjustment to ensure a great fit that will grow with your baby. The clasp on the chins strap is a break-away clasp for added safety.

Toddler Beach HatOur favorite thing about this hat is the reinforced front brim that always stays up and out of baby’s eyes! The colors and patterns are super cute too, and there are options for both boys and girls. This hat can be machined washed and laid flat to dry.

Be prepared for some compliments when your little one wears this hat! Moms say that people stop them all the time to tell them how cute this hat is.

The gender-neutral patterns offered are a really nice change from the typical cutesy baby hats, too.

The removable, adjustable chin strap is really easy to use, but some moms were disappointed to find that their kids were able to pull the strap off and remove it themselves.

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#2 – i play. Baby Flap Sun Protection Hat

Best Baby Sun HatThe i play “flap” style sun hat has a nice big flap in the back to give your baby’s neck protection from the sun. The chin strap has a tie closure and there is also an adjustable toggle for the brim so that you can get the fit just right.

The UPF of this beach hat is 50+ and it has a cute baseball cap design. There are over 10 fun colors to choose from for both boys and girls.

This hat is made of a nice, lightweight material that is breathable and comfortable even when it’s hot. Your little one will be happy playing out in the open sand or inside their baby beach tent so you don’t have to take it off and on.

We love the oversized neck flap because it protects not only the neck but the upper back as well. The baseball cap brim doesn’t get in baby’s face but still protects it from the sun.

Mom’s love the tie close chin strap on this hat. They find that it works better than a Velcro closure because their kids can’t get it undone as easily.

The plastic toggle for tightening the brim of the hat is great for adjusting the size, but some users wish it was in a different spot.

If your baby will be laying back in a car seat, carrier, or stroller when wearing this hat, the plastic toggle may dig uncomfortably into the back of their head.

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#3 – i play. Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat

Girls Baby Sun HatThis cute baby and toddler wide brim sun hat made by ‘i play’ will protect your little one from the sun with light weight UPF 50+ fabric. This adorable sun protection hat is perfect for both boys and girls and comes in lots of beautiful, bright colors (12 at last count).

Both baby and toddler sizes are available. The hat is made from a quick-dry microfiber material that is super soft and breathable.

Features of this hat include a wick away lining that pulls moisture away from your baby’s skin, and a stay put tie strap to keep the hat in place. The adjustable toggle on the band of the hat makes it easy to get just the right fit as your little one grows.

We love the extra wide brim on this hat that protects baby’s head, neck and eyes from the sun! Even the shoulders, upper arms, back and chest get some protection from this hat.

Parents love the adjustability of this hat. They find the hat to be very comfortable for their kids and love the sun protection capabilities.

Although this hat is meant to be floppy, some users felt that it was too floppy, especially when wet. If the floppiness bothers your baby, you may want to reserve this hat for activities that don’t involve water play.

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#4 – SNW Summer Sun Hat

Girls Summer Sun HatIf you’re looking for a cute summer sun hat for your little girl, you will love the SNW sun hat. It features a large floppy brim and a Velcro chin strap. The color choices are adorable and each hat has a bow in a contrasting color.

The size availability ranges from 3-6 months all the way up to 8-10 years. The manufacturer provides a great size reference chart, and we recommend ordering based on the circumference of your little one’s head, rather than age.

While there is no official UPF rating listed for this hat, the 100% cotton fabric and wide brim should provide excellent sun protection for your child’s head, face, ears, and neck. This hat is very well made and comfortable, and should last a long time.

Many moms stated that they get lots of compliments about how cute this hat is! Most users love the Velcro chin strap, too, because it’s fast and easy to close.

However, there were some who felt that is was too long to really be effective and they wished it was more adjustable.

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What to look for when shopping for kids’ summer hats

Twinklebelle Beach Sun HatWide Brim

Look for a wide brim to get the best sun protection. A wide brim will protect not only the eyes and face, but the neck, ears and some of the shoulders as well

Neck Protection

Your baby’s hat should have good neck protection from the sun. The back of the neck is a very common place for sunburn, so look for a hat with a wide brim or neck flaps to protect your little one’s neck.

Ultraviolet Protection

UPF, or Ultraviolet Protection Factor, is a numerical rating that is given to fabrics to rate how effective they are at blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Always, look for a UPF of 50 or higher to ensure the best sun protection for your child. For extra sun protection, combine with a good kids rash guard.

Chin Strap

Be sure the hat you select has a chin strap. Most babies will pull and tug at their hat at some point and a chin strap will help to keep the hat in place. A chin strap will also prevent the hat from blowing off in the wind.

There is so much more to choosing a sun hat for your baby or toddler than just the cuteness factor! Do your research to make sure you are giving your little one the best possible protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

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