6 Best Towable Tubes for Fun on the Water

Taking the boat out for a day on the water can be a blast all on its own. When you throw in a towable tube, it makes for a day of fun and thrills your family won’t soon forget!

My favorite thing about towable tubes is that the entire family, young or old, can get in on the fun. Younger, more timid riders can be pulled at a slower pace while the thrill seekers in the family will want some speed and zig zags thrown in.

The best towable tube will be comfortable, easy to inflate/deflate, have plenty of handles, include a Quick Connect, and above all, be fun! Owning one of the tubes below is a great way to make some fun new memories with your family and friends!

Like with other watersport activities, make sure you have a good USCG Type III life jacket for tubing and be sure to follow various safety rules when tubing behind boats or jet ski tubing.

Our 6 Favorite Towable Tubes for Boating

ProductRidersTow PointsSize (deflated)
Super Mable1-3279" x 78"
Mach 21-2169" x 69"
Chariot Warbird 21-2280" x 96"
G-Force 31-3178" x 75"
Stunt Flyer1-2170" diameter
Super Slice1-3170" diameter

Towable Tube Reviews

#1 – SportsStuff Super Mable

If you’re looking for the best 3-person towable tube, look no further! SportsStuff has 20+ years of experience creating watersports products, and it shows with this feature loaded towable.

The Super Mable features front and back towing points for a customize ride. The back rest makes for a comfy ride in the seated position when towing from the front, or tow it from the back for and kneel for a chariot style ride that you won’t soon forget!

This tube comes with comfy EVA foam seating pads and air cushioned side walls to keep you on board.

You will appreciate the multitude of double webbed foam handles with knuckle guards that allow you to ride in a variety of positions. The Super Mable is rated for up to 510 pounds but a few owners mentioned they’ve towed 3 adults weighing over 600 pounds without any issue.

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Super MableThis is a sharp looking tube that features custom graphics on the sides and the backrest. One of our favorite features of this tube is the speed safety valve that prevents you from ever losing air when putting on the cap.

The Kwik Connect feature makes it fast and easy to attach your tow ropes. All you need to do is slide the end of the tow rope through the middle of the Kwik Connect and then slide it over the ends to lock it into place.

The Super Mable is made tough with a heavy duty K80 PVC bladder. The bladder is fully covered with a double-stitched nylon cover that zips closed. Owners of this towable recommend storing it out of the sun to increase the longevity.

Prolonged sun exposure may cause the cover to fade and the handles to crack over time. Speaking of the handles, a few users noted the quality of them is not up to par as the cover and are spaced a bit too close.

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#2 – Airhead Mach 2

Top Towable For Small KidsThe Airhead Mach 2 is a double rider, cockpit-style towable tube. Cockpit tubes are great for timid young riders (under 14 must wear a life jacket), but they can also provide a thrilling ride for teens and adults.

The seat is safe and comfortable, with an air cushioned bottom that makes bouncing on the water much less punishing than with other tubes. The Mach 2 is easy to inflate and deflate, thanks to its patented speed safety valve.

We love the placement of the handles on this tube because they help the rider feel safe and secure. There are two handles on each side and they all have neoprene knuckle guards.

The bladder is made from heavy gauge PVC with a durable double-stitched nylon cover. The headrest and cupholders make this tube ideal for pleasure tubing at a leisurely pace.

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Most users of this inflatable found it to be the perfect size, saying it fits on the sundeck for easy transport and it also fits nicely in the bed of the truck. Some say it wasn’t roomy enough for a very tall adult, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Also, be aware that the cover does not fully enclose the tube, so there’s a small possibility the cover could come off in very choppy water or at very high speeds. This is a great pull behind for the price, perfectly suited for young riders and leisurely rides around the lake!

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#3 – SportsStuff Chariot Warbird 2

Biggest Towable TubewWe love the versatility of the Chariot Warbird 2 towable! This cool towable is multi-functional. It can be pulled from the front for a seated, comfortable ride. Or, turn it around and tow it from the back for a thrilling chariot style ride.

The inflated backrest gives stability and makes for a comfortable ride no matter which way you’re riding it. There are plenty of handles to help you stay onboard, too.

The Warbird glides easily over the toughest wakes, thanks to its extra wide wing span. It’s one of the most stable tubes on the water and the chance of it flipping in the water is almost nonexistent.

The weight capacity of this tube is 340 pounds (that’s being conservative), and it’s perfectly suited for one or two riders. The design features high visibility, custom graphics for safety and that coolness factor. The full cover is made from heavy duty nylon and it zips on and off. The bladders are made of heavy-gauge PVC for durability.

The front and back tow points have an aluminum quick connect tow system to make hooking up a breeze. The double foam knee and knuckle guards will make even the roughest rides more comfortable, and the patented speed safety valves make inflating and deflating this tube fast and easy.

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Owners of this tube love that it can also be used as a floating lounger. They said it’s like pulling a living room couch through the water! There’s even a canopy available (purchase separately) to turn it into a shaded, floating lounge.

With the Chariot Warbird 2, it’s like getting three tubes in one: a lounger, a chariot sled, and a deck tube. This tube really does have it all!

The downside of such a stable towable is its size. Measuring 80″ x 96″ (deflated), the Warbird 2 is the biggest towable in this roundup so it’s something to keep in mind for transportation and storage. This tube doesn’t come with a carry bag, but a large plastic tote works great for storing it in the off season.

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#4 – Airhead G-Force 3

Towable Tube ReviewsThe Airhead G-Force 3 is designed for up to 3 riders. The extra-large topside stabilizer fins keep it stable in the water, even when you hit larger wakes.

The G-Force 3 is equipped with 6 deluxe, nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards provide a great grip to help the riders stay on board, no matter how thrilling the ride gets. Airhead’s Kwik-Connect system allows for easy and secure hookups.

The bladder on this water tube is made from heavy gauge PVC, and the cover is durable, double-stitched nylon.

We love this tube for younger kids who still want a thrilling ride because it’s so stable. It’s great for adults too, and will hold up well, even with heavy use. You will love the way it skips across the water!

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The design of this tube makes it great for multiple riders and the inflatable wings on the sides help you stay on when hitting the corners. The G-force is easy to get on when it’s in the water because it rides nice and low.

Some users did say that this tube may submarine (front goes down under water) when taking off if you are leaning forward. To solve that problem, have the riders hold onto the handles and lean back until you get up to a decent speed. After that, the tube will just skip across the water! You might also want to consider ordering a Booster Ball with this tube.

All in all, this is a really fun tube at a great price. Get out the waterproof sunscreen so you don’t end up like a lobster as time flies when using this towable!

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#5 – SportsStuff Stunt Flyer

Best Person Towable TubeLay down and hold on because this tube was designed for a wild ride! The Stunt Flyer is the perfect deck tube for one or two riders. This large deck tube features multiple double webbed foam handles and knuckle guards that allow for various different riding positions.

Attaching and detaching your tow rope is made fast and easy, thanks to the aluminum quick connect tow point. This tube also features a patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation of the tube.

You will love the eye-catching, custom graphics on the Stunt Flyer! The brightly colored graphics make it easy to find in the water, too. The tube features a heavy gauge PVC bladder and a heavy-duty full nylon cover with a zipper, so it’s made to handle the roughest rides and last for many seasons.

This tube’s low profile makes it easy to get on from the water. The Stunt Flyer is fast, responsive, and well-made to provide tons of fun for your family and friends.

Like with other low profile tubes, make sure your riders are holding on to the handles and leaning back when taking off, otherwise the tube may submarine and give them a dunking.

Making sure the tube is fully inflated or using a Booster Ball will also help prevent this problem. Some users have noted the padding under where your elbows and knees rest is a bit too rough and some irritation can occur.

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#6 – Airhead Super Slice

Airhead Towable ReviewThe Airhead Super Slice features some really cool blue camo graphics! Or, if camo’s not your thing, it comes in an eye-catching orange, too.

The tube has a tapered design that’s thicker in the front and thinner in the back, making it almost impossible to “submarine.” This unique design also provides a more comfortable riding position and makes it super easy to mount from the water.

Your riders will also appreciate the boarding handle at the back of the tube. Super Slice’s cover is made out of denier nylon, so it’s more tear resistant than other tubes.

There are six handles on the Super Slice, and they are nylon wrapped with neoprene knuckle guards.

Airhead Super SliceThe Super Slice is built tough with a 30-gauge PVC bladder and a reinforced internal tow harness. The super convenient Kwik-Connect hookups make hooking up a breeze, and the speed safety valve makes it easy and fast to inflate and deflate.

This tube is perfect for 1-3 riders and it even has a neoprene body pad for comfort. The body pad is perfectly placed to protect your knees from scraping.

This tube is great for anything from a slow ride to a “hold on for your life” thrill ride. Some reviewers did feel this tube was a little small for 3 adults. Three kids or two adults fit “comfortably”, though, so keep that in mind when ordering.

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How do you properly inflate a towable tube?

Many performance problems can be avoided by fulling inflating the tube. Tubes for boating should be very firm when fully inflated. There should be no wrinkles in the cover and it should only sink down a couple inches when an adult stands on it.

Most tubes can be inflated with a good electric pump. These same air pumps also work well for inflating water trampolines.

Best Air Pumps for Towables

  1. Airhead Super Pump
    • 120-volt outlet
  2. Coleman QuickPump
    • 120-volt outlet
  3. Airhead Air Pump
    • 12-volt cigarette plug

TIP: Don’t leave an inflated tube sitting out in the sun for long periods of time because the air will expand and put unnecessary pressure on the seams.

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Booster Ball Towable

What is a booster ball and how does it help?

A Booster Ball goes between your boat and your tube. It can boost your tubes performance by keeping the rope out of the water while towing. It can also prevent submarining, diminish drag and rope spray, and lower stress on your tube’s cover. That means your tube will last longer!

What is the best length of tow rope to use with a towable tube?

Tube ropes are specially designed to have less stretch and higher breaking points than regular water ski ropes. When choosing your tow rope, be sure to pay attention to the number of riders it is designed for. The length of the rope should be at least 50 feet, but no longer than 65 feet.

Can you patch a towable tube?

Absolutely! There are special kits available just for patching towable tubes, and the process is very similar to patching a bicycle inner tube.

What are flying boating tubes?

Flying boating tubes like the Manta Ray and Kite Tube were a type of towable tube introduced in 2005 that had a wide lower surface that allowed them to go up to 30 feet in the air when towed at a high speed.

Because of a high number of injuries and even some deaths, these types of tubes were essentially banned in the US and Canada.

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